FIFA 21: top 10 young players and promises for UT


We set the target on the top 10 players under 22 for Ultimate Team and Career mode. FIFA 21 supports the young promises of football.

FIFA 21 is already with us. After a far-from-ideal start to the season, the EA Sports simulator prepares its tools to reach the next generation of consoles. While it happens, we can find in the market the version for the current platforms. You can know everything about its editions here.

It is vital to know which are the best players in each field in FIFA 21. Although we have already done the same with the forwards, midfielders and goalkeepers, today we are looking at those promises on the rise. The under-22s who amaze world football with the passion that only a kid can convey.

Kylian Mbappé – 90 rating

It’s easy to choose the best young player on the soccer planet right now. French is like an erupting volcano. Each year he adds gallons inappropriate for his age. At only 21 years old, he already turns his back on the French team. And yes, you can already boast of having a World Cup in your record. His dribbling (91) and his rhythm (96) make him a beast on the left wing. He knows how to step out of his pair while defining with style.

Rhythm: 96

Shot: 86

Pass: 78

Dribble: 91

Defense: 39

Physical: 76

Jadon Sancho – 89 rating

Sancho has become the hope of England. It is usually the candy of the Bundesliga in each market. He is the typical facing midfielder who fits into any lineup. He has personality, overflow (91 dribble) and a certain touch of director (81 pass). In Dortmund it is essential to try to overthrow the hegemony of Bayern Munich.

Rhythm: 83

Shot: 74

Pass: 81

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Dribble: 91

Defense: 37

Physical: 64

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 87 rating

The English full back is the owner of the right wing at Anfield. At the age of 21, he has already won a UEFA Champions League by overthrowing real giants. He was the inspiration for that tragic night for the Blaugranas, with the famous rogue corner kick. Arnold is, for his own reasons, the best young defender on the scene.

Rhythm: 80

Shot: 66

Pass: 87

Dribble: 80

Defense: 80

Physical: 71

Kai Havertz – 85 rating

Chelsea has made a deep financial effort to reinforce its squad. Among the new foundations, the young Kai Havertz stands out. Used to leading the charge in Germany, he will now have the responsibility to do the same in the Premier League. He is the blues’ total offensive midfielder, thanks to his 85 dribbling, 81 shooting and 84 pace. He hits well from afar and knows how to hit the ball.

Rhythm: 84

Shot: 81

Pass: 79

Dribble: 85

Defense: 45

Physical: 67

Matthijs de Ligt – 85 rating

De Ligt was a participant in that Ajax that dazzled half of Europe. While his friend De Jong ended up at Camp Barça, the center-back set course for Turin. Juventus of Turin (called Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 21) has the best young wall in their possession today. Not only for physicality (84), but for defensive mentality (85).

Rhythm: 72

Shot: 59

Pass: 66

Dribble: 69

Defense: 85

Physical: 84

Top 10 young promises in FIFA 21: full list

Kylian Mbappé | 90 rating

Jadon Sancho | 87 rating

Trent Alexander-Arnold | 87 rating

Kai Havertz | 85 rating

Matthijs de Ligt | 85 rating

Gianluigi Donnarumma | 85 rating

Erling Haaland | 84 rating

Federico Valverde | 83 rating

Achraf Hakimi | 83 rating

Joao Felix | 81 rating


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