FIFA 21: Top 10 Forwards for Ultimate Team


Meet the 10 best strikers in FIFA 21. Predators in the area will be your target to incorporate into the starting eleven, included in Ultimate Team.

The new season has already started. FIFA 21 hits stores with the same force as in recent years. This edition is marked for being the first to receive the new generation of consoles, two versions in which all the content of FUT and Volta can be transferred. Your progress in those game modes will stay with you.

So today we focus on the top 10 forwards in the game as part of our detailed guide. The famous names of the football scene come together here.

Lionel Messi – 93 rating

There are no qualifiers before the heir of Diego Armando Maradona. The Barça fan has lived almost the last two decades singing his goals, his breaks, his millimeter passes. Messi is the total striker in current football, as reflected in his statistics in FIFA 21. His specialties include acrobat, distance shooter and dribbler, among others. He works like pure DC, knows how to play on the wings and feels comfortable one step behind the reference 9.

Rhythm: 85

Shot: 92

Pass: 91

Dribble: 95

Defense: 38

Physical: 65

Cristiano Ronaldo – PIR 92

The real bug. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best predator in the area. He does not care which leg he shoots with, his prodigious physique allows him to overwhelm his rivals in the race and launch real missiles at the goal. Together with Leo, both have disputed the golden ball for several decades. At 35 he continues to dazzle, this time from Turin. His 95 definition and 95 jump make him an unparalleled finisher. Whether the ball comes through the air or the ground, CR7 is there to push the leather towards the net.

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Rhythm: 89

Shot: 93

Pass: 81

Dribble: 89

Defense: 35

Physical: 77

Top 10 forwards in FIFA 21: full list

Leo Messi | 93 rating

Cristiano Ronaldo | 92 rating

Neymar Jr | 91 rating

Robert Lewandoski | 91 rating

Kylian Mbappé | 90 rating

Mohamed Salah | 90 rating

Sadio Mané | 90 rating

Karim Benzema | 89 rating

Sergio Agüero | 89 rating

Paulo Dybala | 88 rating


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