FIFA 21: Top 10 Defenders for Ultimate Team


Defense is the foundation of any team. That’s why we’re highlighting the 10 best defenders available in FIFA 21 for Ultimate Team and Career mode.

FIFA 21 lands on the market with the strength that characterizes it. Although it has not been the best delivery, this year’s edition is preparing to face its foray into the new generation. All of your progress in FUT and Volta will remain intact on your profile, so you can take the leap without fear of losing that progress.

As part of our in-depth guide, today we look at the top 10 defenders available in the game. These are the last bastion of the team before going on target, so having a solid wall behind makes the offensive phase much easier to carry. After having done the same with the attackers, midfielders, promises and goalkeepers, now we have to focus on them.

Virgil van Dijk – 90 rating

Van Dijk is, without half measures, the best center-back in the world right now. The Dutchman is sweet. He not only has the fortune of captaining a legendary like Liverpool, but of having consecrated himself with a UEFA Champions League in which he was key. He has the highest level of defense with a 91 point rating. Almost nothing.

Rhythm: 76

Shot: 60

Pass: 71

Dribble: 72

Defense: 91

Physical: 86

Sergio Ramos – 89 points

Sergio Ramos remains at the top of the table. The Spanish international continues to stand out as the main face of Real Madrid. That courage, that so Spanish passion allows him to instill in the rest of the team the conviction necessary to give everything until 90. Thanks to his scoring instinct, he is the center-back with the highest shooting percentage (70). Above it is quite a beast.

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Rhythm: 71

Shot: 70

Pass: 76

Dribble: 74

Defense: 88

Physical: 85

Top 10 defenders in FIFA 21: complete list

Virgil van Dijk | 90 rating

Sergio Ramos | 89 rating

Kalidou Koulibaly | 88 rating

Trent Alexander-Arnold | 87 rating

Andrew Robertson | 87 rating

Aymeric Laporte | 87 rating

Giorgio Chiellini | 87 rating

Carvajal | 86 rating

Raphaël Varane | 86 rating

Jordi Alba | 86 rating


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