FIFA 21 Tips to Make More Buy-Sell Profits!


Dexerto Just Unveiled A Guide To Becoming A “Buy-Sell” Card King In FIFA 21 FUT Mode. The dream of all players of FIFA 21 and older versions? Have a dream team in Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. But for that, you have to have credits in order to buy packs and hope to get the best player cards. This is done by winning matches or through the “buy-sell” system.

Some people may be wondering what is it? Rest assured, the media Dexerto has just unveiled a whole guide to help you use this system in the best possible way. The first step is to have “popular” but inexpensive cards. Once you understand this principle, here is what you should follow:

“The meta in FIFA 21 is constantly evolving. You may think that you know all the cards that people use in one week, but the next, everything may have changed. And it’s not nice to end up with a lot of cards that have lost all of their value. ”

So which maps to base themselves on? These: “Cards with a value of less than 50,000 FUT Credits. Eh which, on top of that, which you see regularly in your opponents’ teams, are a great place to start. ”

FIFA 21 players should therefore purchase these cards at reduced prices. Once done, you need to relist them for slightly higher than average value. We must also take into account the tax. Since these are fixed at 5% in the game.


Be aware that, like the stock market, the market can vary. In the event that this drops, you must be patient as advised by Dexerto. However, if it stays low for too long “you’ll have to drop the price a bit, but be patient in doing so.” ”

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To help FIFA 21 players, who are not in front of their screen all day long, tools exist. As the media reported: “iOS and Android apps are following the market like FUTAlert. The app notifies you when the value of one of the players you follow increases. ”

In short, if you bought bought 10 or 15 cards at “good price”, just a small increase could give you good returns on your investment.

It remains to be seen if you will use this technique. Or if FIFA 21 players already know this stratagem which has been proven for several weeks. Now you have no reason not to have a great team in FUT.


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