FIFA 21: the deadliest forwards in the game


The forwards have to have a definition without equal. Meet the 10 deadliest strikers in all of FIFA 21. One ball in their boots is half a goal.

The FIFA 21 match has already started on the market. The new installment of the EA Sports simulator allows you to enjoy the most complete football today. This edition is even more special because of its coexistence with the next generation. If you are one of the users who will make the jump to PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can take your copy of FIFA at no additional cost.

We have talked to you multiple times about the best footballers in the game. From strikers to goalkeepers, every position is secured within our guide. Today we will focus on the most lethal forwards. Those with the highest valuation do not serve us if they are later a defining pufo. Definition is everything.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 95 definition

CR7 continues to do in Turin what it does best: break the net. The bug is the best defining player of all FIFA 21. In Piedmont Calcio (fictitious name for Juventus Turin) is the man of reference in all situations, be it a ball through the air or low to the center of the area. In any case, Portuguese is the best.

Definition: 95

Power: 94

Heading Accuracy: 90

Long Shots: 93

Volleys: 86

Lionel Messi – 95 definition

Leo shares the lead with Cristiano Ronaldo. They have the same valuation in definition, although the Argentine rose to the first position in general valuation. His rare opportunities with his head he makes up for with a shot and sensational power. He is the best player with his feet.

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Definition: 95

Power: 86

Heading Accuracy: 70

Long Shots: 94

Volleys: 88

The Deadliest Forwards in FIFA 21: Complete List

Cristiano Ronaldo | 95 definition

Leo Messi | 95 definition

Robert Lewandoski | 94 definition

Harry Kane | 94 definition

Sergio Agüero | 94 definition

Ciro Immobile | 93 definition

Jamie Vardy | 92 definition

Luis Suarez | 92 rating

Kyñian Mbappé | 91 rating

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang | 91 rating


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