FIFA 21: the best young midfielders for Career mode


Meet the top 10 young midfielders you can find in FIFA 21’s Career mode. Tomorrow’s muscle has now arrived in the database.

FIFA 21 is already among us. The new installment of the EA Sports simulator lands like every year, although this time it does so with a stumble. However, this year’s installment has a special aura around it: it will be the first to coexist with the new generation of consoles. If you decide to jump, you can do it at no additional cost.

In our guide, we have told you repeatedly about the best players available. Beyond the best youngsters in any position, we want to focus on the under-21s who excel in midfield. Those who, due to circumstances, are already showing part of their potential in the big leagues. We will put the goal in the top 10 for career mode.

Best Young Midfielders for Career Mode: Complete List

Jadon Sancho | 87 rating

Kai Havertz | 85 rating

Federico Valverde | 83 rating

Achraf Hakimi | 83 rating

Martin Odegaard | 83 rating

Moussa Diaby | 81 rating

Ferran Torres | 81 rating

Cucurella | 81 rating

Alphonso Davies | 81 rating

Welington Dano | 81 rating

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