FIFA 21: Squad Battles rewards; what time they are given


Find out when Squad Battles rewards are released and what items you will receive in one of the main Ultimate Team modes in FIFA 21.

Squad Battles is one of the main modes on which the dynamics of Ultimate Team revolves. In FIFA 21, there are no major changes to rewards, save for rank changes in later levels. As part of our detailed guide, today we focus on the update date, that is, the time when you will collect the rewards and what bonus items you will receive.

What time are Squad Battles rewards released in FIFA 21?

Squad Battles rotation takes place every Monday at 02:00 CEST. Once the time is up, you will receive an automatic notification when you enter the mode again. The Companion App allows you to collect rewards in the same way. Everything will be added to your club.

Squad Battles is one of the latest additions to FUT this generation. In it we will face teams of other players managed by artificial intelligence. Depending on the difficulty you select, you will receive more or less points that will be added to your weekly total.

You can play up to 40 weekly matches. Among the six available, two are special: one will consist of a celebrity line-up, while the other will simply be the TOTW (Team of the Week) gala eleven. Playing against these last two increases the points received above the normal ones. There will be no time limit to play against the remaining four; you choose when and how to make the next rotation, until you finish with those available.

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