FIFA 21 soon to banned for players under 18 in Germany?


Germany could crack down on video games! The country could thus ban certain FIFA options for minors …

Will FIFA end up reserved for over 18s in Germany? A law discussed in the Bundesrat could indeed change the rules for video games … And thus change the mode of play for minors. The famous football game would be concerned …

Because it contains packs, like for FUT. The principle: give a little money for random winnings for players, stadiums, jerseys, training … But the German Federal Council would like to prevent minors from accessing these modes of play.

For now, FIFA has a “PEGI3”. That is, anyone can play it as early as three years old. But Germany seeks to protect minors … And also parents’ bank cards. As a result, a law against “loot boxes” could arrive soon.

Problem for the football simulation: these “loot boxes” are a basis in FUT. To improve their team and thus succeed in climbing the leagues, players can win matches and then buy players… But they can also pay.

A little credit card, and here are lots (more or less good) to make his team even better. “Legend” players or rare cards thus seem much rarer without paying … And FIFA, for its part, collects the money.

But the game is aimed at minors as well as adults. This is how Anders Vejrgang is remembered. At only 14 years old, the young Danish prodigy has chained 535 victories! A crazy series… But really possible without paying anything?

FIFA 21 soon to be banned for players under 18 in Germany?


Not sure … Still, Germany seems determined to prevent underage players from attempting this kind of lottery. FUT should therefore adapt to prevent the game from becoming accessible only to players over the age of 18.

If the law passes to the Bundesrat, FIFA will have to change the rules. Parental controls could thus complete the game. A simple and effective way to prevent underage players from accessing the packs … Or in any case to make access more difficult.

Because parents will be able to know what their children are doing on FUT. But above all what they spend. Such a law could also soon arrive in the United States. Several minors have hit the headlines by spending tens of thousands of dollars …

Like Belgium, which has already banned paid content in games, Germany therefore appears to be on the way to regulating underage gambling. A problem for FIFA, but what should find a way to limit abuses and facilitate controls.

This law is therefore happening in a few large European countries … But nothing seems to be planned yet in France. Several times, members of Parliament have tried to propose laws on this subject. But without success. At least for the moment !


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