FIFA 21 RTTF (Road to the Final); what it is, predictions


FIFA 21 will receive the first promotion linked to the UEFA Champions League on November 6 at 19:00 CET. So are the European marquee letters.

FIFA 21 continues on its way to offer different campaigns full of rewards. Beyond Rulebreakers and Global Series tokens, the UEFA Champions League license is once again sneaking into Ultimate Team – it’s time to show off the European stars.

As part of the start of the group stage, the company confirms the start of the Road to the Final promotion. We tell you everything about her and what we can expect.

FIFA 21 Road to the Final (RTTF), what is it?

Road to the Final is a promotion linked to the results of the UEFA Champions League in real life. From the winning teams of all the groups, the company selects several players with whom to form an ideal team. The first team will be revealed this Friday, November 6 at 19:00 CET.

Cards with a European marquee slightly improve the base cards of players who participate in the continent’s top competition. Although the Europa League is also part of the game, it has not transpired whether it will be formed already or will be delayed in the coming weeks.

The official EA Sports account on Twitter usually creates polls hours before the start of the most important matches of the day. As you can see above these lines, Sabitzer disputed the presence of him against the Argentine Di María. Although 67.4% of those surveyed bet on the victory of the Parisians, the cat was taken by Red Bull Leipzig. In this way, Sabitzer will be part of the first team.

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Road to the Final 2020 predictions

So far we know of three practically insured cards: Sabitzer, Sterling, Isco Alarcón and Sergio Ramos. Remember that the team that achieves the 3 points will be chosen to add the selected players on social networks. The last image revealed confirms a center forward, a player with 85 pace and another player with 85 dribbling.

These players will feature a UEFA Champions League marquee and will be part of the card pool when opening packs for a limited time. The die is cast … or look in the market if you prefer to hunt them with precision.


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