FIFA 21: PSG is planning internships to improve the game!


The capital club, PSG will offer internships to improve its game on FIFA 21! We give you more details. PSG is planning internships so that gamers can improve their game on FIFA 21!

The Parisian club is at the heart of the news this week. And for good reason: his incredible performance against the Catalans in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

Indeed, Kylian Mbappé stood out against Leo Messi and his teammates. PSG therefore simply crushed FC Barcelona by ending the 90 minutes of the match with a score of 4-1!

A feat that we have not finished hearing about! But today we’re going to focus on another topic instead.

You should know that the PSG founded an e-sports section in 2016. Thus, when it was launched, the section recruits FIFA players! Which is hardly a surprise.

But since its existence the club has continued to develop. Indeed, PSG seems to have big, ambitious plans for its e-sports section!

You should know that the game FIFA 21 is very popular with gamers. Especially those who are also football fans.

With the France team, Barca, Liverpool and Manchester City, PSG are among the favorite teams of video game players. With, unsurprisingly, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar on the bill!

Today PSG has new plans for its E-Sports section! We tell you more, without further ado.

FIFA 21: PSG is planning internships to improve the players’ game!


This is news that will please FIFA 21 fans! Indeed, the club of the French capital has many projects for gamers in the coming months.

PSG also plans to open a room dedicated to e-sports. The opening is also scheduled for the first half of this year 2021. It should therefore happen fairly quickly.

Located in Boulogne-Billancourt, one part of this room will consist of several screens, supplied by Philips monitors. The latter becomes an official partner of the Ile-de-France club!

Thus, this sponsor will allow FIFA 21 players to train on screens optimized for console video games! What happiness.

Besides, this technology will not only be useful to members of the Parisian team. Oh no. PSG intends to offer courses to fans of virtual games!

They too will therefore be able to benefit from the infrastructures put in place. PSG do not count stop there!

Indeed, the club is showing more and more ambition. He thus decided to launch an academy to find future talents in the discipline!

In fact, this new partnership with Phillips Monitors will be a strong argument to attract the best Esports players! Suffice to say that Paris Saint Germain and the Qataris have not finished expanding their empire. To follow.


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