FIFA 21, no empty stadiums due to coronavirus or VAR


EA Sports has decided to remove some celebrations to avoid toxic behavior among the gaming community. FIFA 21 may point to realism, but not everything we see in the game will correspond to real football.

At least not with the appearance of the stadiums in full 2020, since in the title of EA Sports the effects of the coronavirus will not be detected. That being the case, the fields will be full of people cheering and scolding his voice. At the same time, we will not enjoy the presence of the VAR either. All this has been explained by producer Lonel Stanescu to Eurogamer:

“We want to make sure that we express football in its purest essence. For us, football means a crowd in the stadium ”. According to the creative, this year is strange because of the current situation, but “luckily, you can experience” the atmosphere of a real match, at least in FIFA 21. With regard to the VAR, EA has stressed that in a video game is not necessarily important the inclusion of this type of technology. “We have decided to focus on other areas that we consider to be a higher priority,” says the company.

FIFA 21 says goodbye to various celebrations

There goes the player kissing the ball, moving it from one side to the other while preventing the rival from taking it away in a treacherous mowing. When he finally faces the goal, he extends his leg and hits the ball until the net is drilled. Then, he puts his index finger to his mouth and shouts the stadium. This celebration, which has also been seen in real football, will not be present in FIFA 21, since the company has decided to eliminate it so that toxic behaviors do not occur, as reported by our colleagues at MeriStation Mexico.

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In an interview with the British media, the main producer of FIFA 21 gameplay, Sam Rivera, spoke about this matter on Eurogamer. “The community told us that there were toxic behaviors in the game, so we wanted to make sure we eliminated them. In this way, we removed some celebrations ”, as some people thought that they were not positive for the video game. In that sense, EA Sports has decided to reduce the celebration time for users to play instead of “just waiting”. All this serves the purpose of keeping the player “playing instead of doing things that may not be necessary in the title.”

More changes: goodbye to A-Ok

The A-Ok celebration will also not be available, even though no toxic behaviors have been reported with this celebration. Even so, they will also incorporate new ones, such as, for example, a very characteristic of Mbappé, the crack of PSG intended by many other sets. As Electronic Arts published on social networks, the star of the Parisian team puts his hands to his mouth and pretends to cry.

FIFA 21 will go on sale on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Later it will also be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as soon as the machines are released at the end of this year 2020.


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