FIFA 21 launches a new feature to limit your playing time!


According to Gamergen, EA will launch a new feature soon to try to limit the playing time of some FIFA 21 addicts

Since its release, FIFA 21 has often found itself at the center of criticism. Indeed, his pack system in FUT is talking a lot. Some criticize the EA Sports license for pushing gamers into consuming and spending money. Without forgetting the criticisms made for the playing time spent on it.

Because yes, it is a scourge that all parents are trying to fight. But also the older ones who can’t get away from their screen. Some would like to be helped, and EA seems to have heard the alarm cry.

Indeed, undoubtedly to want to redeem a good image, the firm has chosen to include a feature in FIFA 21. A feature allowing you to limit your playing time, which can be adjusted as we see fit.

Gamergen said on this subject: “FIFA Game Time allows you to understand and master your gameplay. Get an overview of the time you spend in FIFA 21. But also the number of matches you play in all game modes. The FIFA Points you buy, the number of FUT packs you open… And set limits to meet your goals. ”

Here is, in summary, what it will be possible to do with the new tool that EA will be implementing. No doubt this will give players a better idea of ​​the time they are spending on their game.

It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to slow down some FIFA 21 fans who are still ready to spend a whole day in front of their screen.

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While some are worried about the arrival of this new tool, you should know that you are still quite free. Free to set it up or not, and even set the time limits. As Gamergen once again points out:

“Manage your FIFA 21 game time by setting limits for the number of matches played, the number of packs you open and the number of FIFA Points you buy from the in-game store. Change your limits for each of these settings in the Game Time menu. And get reminders when you reach the limits you set. ”

So here is an outline of what will be possible to do in the coming days. No doubt parents will be impatiently awaiting the release of this feature.

Hopefully, this doesn’t create wars or rifts between FIFA 21 players and their parents.


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