FIFA 21: Joe Hart Flashback – Best Goalkeeper?


Joe Hart Flashback stands as one of the best goalkeepers available in the Premier League. We tell you how to complete his challenge on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC.

FIFA 21 continues to celebrate the What If promotion, an event dedicated to driving its range of cards through the performance of its teams in real life. With Team 2 available now, today we hear about a new card as part of the Flashback series. This is Joe Hart.

Joe Hart Flashback, stats

The English goalkeeper offers a radically opposite version of the basic card in FIFA 21. The study celebrates his performance in the 2011-2012 season, when he was the greatest exponent of his country under the sticks. His template challenge surprises with how easy it is to complete compared to the statistics you will receive.

Joe Hart Flashback is by far one of the best goalkeepers currently available in the Premier League. As you can see in his statistics, 90 position and 93 reflexes are his main references. He lacks speed, no doubt, but in 1v1 he should be a solvent goalkeeper given his abilities. You won’t find another doorman without spending a fortune. Yes, you will need an 85 rating template, but with the number of packs that open in fut rivals you can put it together relatively easily.

Joe Hart Flashback in FIFA 21: how to complete the objective

Then we leave you with our solution. As always, everything will depend on what assets you have in your club. You have until March 20 at 19:00 CET to get hold of it.


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