FIFA 21: improvements and new icons in Ultimate Team


FIFA 21 publishes the news and improvements that Ultimate Team will incorporate this season, in addition to the new players chosen for the Icon back.

FIFA 21 continues to reel off little by little what is to come next October 9. This time we focus on its star mode, Ultimate Team, which is marked by additions in the offer of game modes and the extension of possibilities in terms of customization. On the other hand, the list of FUT icons is fattened with new faces.

And is that FIFA 21 is something more than the annual edition of the king of interactive football. This year coincides with the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, a generation that will take those users who want to make the leap by the hand. Nobody is left behind.

FUT Coop and Events

Ultimate Team will allow you to join a friend to play cooperative matches. You can play Divisions Rivals and Squad Battles with the cards of both players; you will access the social functions without having to leave your favorite mode. In the case of playing in the first, the highest division in which one of the participants is found will be taken.

Participating in them will enable special challenges with rewards that you can keep in your profile. It doesn’t matter if you’re invited: your progress stays with you when you decide to play solo. You can deactivate the cooperative mode to continue enjoying the same Divisions Rivals as always.

These possibilities will give more meaning to another of the revealed functions: FUT Events. As the name suggests, these challenges integrate the work of the community as a group. They give as an example the possibility of supporting a Premier League team of five. If your choice wins, you will get rewards according to the requirements.

When it comes to multiplayer, we’re promised a significant skill placement upgrade. The exact skill score you received will now be displayed based on the result. If, on the other hand, you prefer a friendly experience, FUT Friendlies increases its portfolio of possibilities by allowing challenges with specific objectives, such as playing a match with silver teams. Your assessment will not change.


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