FIFA 21: how to easily shoot free kicks to score a goal


Taking free kicks in FIFA 21 requires knowing the four mechanics that it revolves around. We tell you several effects and how to easily perform them.

FIFA 21 continues to offer the most complete football. One more year, the EA Sports simulator hits the market to quench the thirst for leather among fans. An edition that is marked by the next arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you decide to take the leap, you can do it at no additional cost.

In this piece we will focus on a fundamental aspect of the gameplay: the free kick. In recent deliveries, precision shooting has changed the way it works. The famous target was included, which allows you to decide with the stick the effect you want to give the ball. As part of our detailed guide, learn how to easily throw free kicks.

Tutorial: what we should know about taking free kicks

You have to keep in mind the four mechanics that revolve around the free kick: the position of the player before the ball, the target, the power of the shot and the type of effect. Statistics such as power, precision and spin are some of the values ​​that affect how the shot is launched. You can see them from inside the field by holding down the right stick before launching it.

In the tutorial we will make the simplest shot of all, which consists of a vertical effect, that is, from top to bottom.

Step 1: player position

With the right stick you will have the opportunity to choose which position the player will take to execute the shot. The initial is usually balanced, that is, a little heeling towards one of the sides to hit the inside of the boot. In this case, we will go towards the center of the ball to be just straight towards it, like those remote-controlled bombs of Roberto Carlos.

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Step 2: aiming the bullseye

After choosing the position, we will try to place the target a couple of feet above the crossbar. When you handle the target, you do not think that this is the end of the ball, but a means where the ball will go and then vary according to the effect we have given it. Without fear, aim away from the goal at the top; in the case of this vertical spin, the ball will go down thanks to the spin.

Step 3: firing power

Power is preceded by the same rules as in the normal game. Between 20 and 25 meters it will be necessary to fill two of the four power bars. If you choose between 26 and 29 meters, add half more. So progressively depending on the distance, which will be marked in the center of the screen. It is vitally important that you give the power a sharp blow, that is, without subsequent corrections, as it will be more difficult.

Step 4: effect

Once the fire button is pressed, you must select the effect. There are barely a few seconds in the interval in which the player goes to the ball to hit, so you will have to be fast. To perform the vertical effect, press the right stick (the one for dribbling) upwards and then downwards. Think of a journey of a lifetime: up and down. Simple, direct. You will know that you have done well if the icon appears down with a stick pointing towards the goal.


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