FIFA 21 hair technology is literally fabulous


It is not the first and it should not be the last time that we will talk about it here, but everything indicates that the Eletronic Arts team really dedicated most of their time to develop absurdly realistic hair in the new generation version of FIFA 21. According to images , technology is apparently the big news in the improved version of the game.

In the new video shared on social networks, it is possible to observe that the scalp received a very special attention from the publisher, and has an ultra-realistic physics both during the scenes of events during the matches and in the gameplay itself.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has already gained prominence in a previous article after waving his silky hair during a goal outing, and now the stage receives Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani, who has a lively and simply fantastic hairstyle. Check it out below.

In addition, the Digital Foundry channel brought a very detailed comparison comparing the title’s performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X face to face, bringing not only images of the Strand Hair Technology engine, but also lighting, resolution, gameplay, graphics and facial expressions on the machines.

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