FIFA 21 FUT: Javier Hernández Flashback


Javier Hernández is the new card of the Flashback series in FIFA 21. We tell you the complete solutions for his squad challenges in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 selects its new player under the Flashback card series. Javier Hernández “Chicharito”, as he is known, currently plays in Major League Soccer defending the Los Angeles Galaxy shield. What about the special version of him in Ultimate Team? We tell you how to complete his squad challenges and what statistics support his rating.

Javier Hernández Flashback, FIFA 21 statistics

Javier Hernández Flashback is the pure center forward you can imagine within the 89 PIR range. His presentation card revolves around 4 key points: acceleration (92), completion (95), jump (99) and attack position (97). We are talking about a player with a goal instinct within the area.

Rhythm: 88

Shot: 89

Passing: 77

Dribbling: 89

Defense: 36

Physical: 73

The main problem with this card is that we found no reason for it to be strong in FUT Champions. 84 speed is too little for those who play with a pitchfork on the counter. His long shot, 80, is little, and he does not know how to associate with the others (short pass of 80 and long pass of 70). It is the typical striker that works from set pieces, but difficult on the run.


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