FIFA 21: FUT Champions Weekend League postponed


EA Sports Announces Via Social Media That FIFA 21 FUT Champions Weekend League Is Delayed 24 Hours; we tell you everything about it.

Since last October 9, we have available FIFA 21 both on PC and on PS4 and Xbox One consoles (in addition to the simplest version for Nintendo Switch). Even so, something that we will have to wait to enjoy and play is the first FUT Champions Weekend League, initially scheduled for this October 16. Unexpectedly, EA Sports has announced that it is delayed 24 hours, so everything shifts. We tell you.

What’s new in FIFA 21; delay of the first FUT Champions Weekend League

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the next FUT Champions Weekend League has been delayed for 24 hours. Check the game for the new schedule. Also, this weekend league will be extended by 24 hours to accommodate the delayed start time. All players who redeem their FUT Champions points to enter this weekend league will have their 2000 FUT Champions points refunded prior to the next weekend league due to this schedule change. Thank you for your patience ”, details the company statement on Twitter.

We do not know the reason for this delay, but we do know that it will affect the opinion of the players and the plans that many had in mind for this weekend. Even so, being a slight delay, it should not derail too much the calendar of those who want to spend these days rolling the ball on their virtual feet.

On the other hand, we remind you that we have a complete guide to FIFA 21 available on MeriStation. In it you will find everything you need to know about sections such as the Companion App, the best players (organized by position), the rewards (along with their bonuses and hours) and much more. Everything constantly updated.


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