FIFA 21 FUT: Ballack, new SBC of Icon Moments


Michael Ballack is the new squad challenge as part of Icon Moments. He knows how to unlock his card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 welcomes the new challenges of Icon. Rui Costa, Peter Schmeichel and Rui Costa are the three legends who have just landed on the squad building challenges. In this piece we will focus on the figure of Michael Ballack, the German stronghold of the late 90s and early 2000s. We tell you all the challenges and how to complete them.

Michael Ballack Icon Moments, Stats

Ballack’s Icon Moments version honors his performance on the grass. His shot and pass are the best we can see in FIFA 21. The power of the shot (95), the completion (91) and the long shot (94) is a trident of statistics that increases the danger when a ball falls on his feet at the edge of the area.

Rhythm: 83

Shot: 93

Pass: 90

Dribble: 87

Defense: 82

Physical: 88

FIFA 21 Ballack Moments Icon all goals solution
It can fit into any squad that plays with a pre-hitch to pure forwards. He knows how to spend great: the short has 95 points, while the long is 94. Almost nothing. It is very worth it to get hold of it.

How to complete the Michael Ballack Moments Icon challenges
Michael Ballack Icon Moments will be available in Squad Building Challenges until May 1 at 19:00 CET. We leave you directly with the solutions:

Nata Legend
PT: Thuram

CF: Basila

DFC: Passi

LD: Soubervie

LI: Hernández

DCM: Kerrouche

MD: Ameka Autchanga

IM: Figueroa

CAM: Chambost

DC: Antiste

DC: Silveira

New promise
PT: Adrián Ortolá

CFD: Fontas

CF: Pol García

RHP: Maguinho

LI: Paulinho (silver)

MC: Cristobal

MC: Richardson

MD: Carmona

IM: Gabrielzinho

SD: Junior Santos

DC: Carlinhos

Little Kaiser
PT: Trapp

CB: Boateng

CFD: Witsel

LD: Trippier

LI: Hradecky

DCM: Aránguiz

DCM: Endo (TOTW)

MD: Bellarabi

MI: Kostic

MCO: Sabitzer

DC: Kramaric

Bavarian Engine
PT: Gulacsi

CB: Kampl (TOTW)

DFC: Süle

RHP: Azpilicueta

LI: Even

DCM: Kimmich

MC: Ziyech

MC: Moutinho

ED: Crown

EI: Patrício

DC: Jimenez

Glory of the Blues
PT: Schmeichel (TOTW)

DFC: Ndidi

CB: Alderweireld

RHP: Pereira

LI: Even

DCM: Modric

MC: Kroos

MC: Isco

MD: Azpilicueta

IM: Oyarzabal

DC: Suarez

League Legend
PT: Bürki

CFD: Trapp

CB: Sergio Ramos

RHP: Handanovic

LI: Acuña

DCM: Modric

DCM: Casemiro (TOTW)

MD: Hakimi

MI: Mandanda

DC: Tadic

DC: Benzema

League quality
PT: Oblak

CB: Kroos

CF: Hammered

RHP: Carvajal

LI: Jordi Alba

MC: Kimmich

MC: Fernando

MD: Modric

IM: Bergwijn

DC: Lewandowski

DC: Kane