FIFA 21, first impressions of a more realistic football title


FIFA 21 aims to be more intuitive, presenting changes and updates that seek to position it as the best option to play virtual soccer.

Last week remotely, we had the opportunity to have a session with Sam Rivera, Lead Gameplay Producer, Ionel Stanescu, Line Producer, Tyler Blair, Creative Director and Jeff Antwi, Lead Producer of FIFA 21 of EA Sports to talk about the changes and updates to the predominant global sales of soccer video games.

This presentation was divided into different pillars to address the gameplay, which we will use to describe what we saw when playing several games in its version of PlayStation 4. It is important to note that these changes will be present in both the current generation of consoles and the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Player Personality

The number of attributes have been increased to determine the quality, animation speed and effectiveness of movements. Now, for example, the passes will be determined based on the attributes of each player, when previously these basically were summarized in short or long passes. This we could verify in the previous version we played, since there is a differentiation in each player for their different way of passing the ball which is very marked.

More agile haggling

The Agile Dribbling will make you move the ball faster from one side to the other so that you can open the space, breaking waists and deceiving the rival when he delivers himself in a play by means of some sweep. In FIFA 21 they will seek to make it more balanced, although at least in the previous version, we saw that artificial intelligence was easily delivered with feints of a stuck ball by pressing and holding R1 or RB on Xbox One while moving the left stick. It is important to note that all players will have this function, only that the higher the attributes of a player’s dribbling, agility, reaction and control of the ball, the faster, more precise and better they will be to keep the ball stuck to the foot.

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For novice players this feature will be contextual, this implies that by default players will make feint moves in certain situations. This can be disabled in the configuration, if you want to run it manually. They also improved the agility of animations when dribbling with the left stick using L1 on PlayStation 4 or LB on Xbox One as in FIFA 20.

More creative plays

Creative Runs is a new function that relies on artificial intelligence to have movements without the ball. This will help our players not go out of place with directed movements, which we can control in full with the right stick. This function will be pressing L1 or LB and then move the partner with the control. You can also call a partner for short passes with R1 or RB.

Within this section, we can also decide where to send our partner after the pass in order to make more complex plays. This function applies to any type of pass, including filtered ones, by pressing any button and then moving the right stick.

The interesting thing about these functions is that you can move up to 5 players at the same time in this type of play.

In turn you can make the player through the CPU, hold the ball when you go to the attack by pressing both stickers at the same time and you can ask the ball back in what you find a better position with another player using the right stick. This new feature includes a kind of coach that shows the path of the AI ​​controlled player on the court. Although up to 5 can be done at a time, only the routes of the last 2 players will be shown on the screen with this option enabled. This feature will be by default for everyone and can be removed from the configuration menu.


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