FIFA 21: first images on PS5 and Xbox Series X


EA Sports has shared the first facial captures of two players, Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool and Joao Félix of Atlético.

FIFA 21 will have an update soon for the new generation of consoles. At the moment we do not know the playable changes that will be applied, but we have already seen two images of two players that are already recreated on PS5 and Xbox Series X. They are Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold side and Atlético midfielder Joao Félix from Madrid. At the moment nothing has been seen other than these two images and the message on the studio’s networks: “feel the new level when FIFA 21 arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S on December 4. Buy it now and get the free update. ”

Basically, by purchasing the Xbox One and PS4 version we will have access to the new versions as long as it is downloaded before FIFA 22 is released. In all cases, whether we have the digital or physical game, we can download the new version for free, although in the If you have a disc, it is important to know that you will need the disc to use it on the new platform. If our console is digital, we must provide the EA account information in order to associate the platform with the specific copy.

Until then, backward compatible

Until December 4 we will play FIFA 21 in a backward compatible format, with a performance similar to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, with all the functions that we already know. It is important to note that the double free version only works if we buy the successor version of each brand, so if we go from PS4 to Xbox Series X or from One to PS5 it will not work. The same thing happens with progress, which remains in each brand but they will not cross each other.

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FIFA 21 went on sale on October 9. In our analysis, we highlighted that the game had become somewhat more arcade than its previous installment, something that has been accentuated over the weeks. The feeling is that the game has worsened some aspects and that it came with an engine that did not give more of itself. It remains to be seen what happens with the new generation.


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