FIFA 21: Everything You Need to Know About Update 1.11!


FIFA 21 Patch 8 has just been released. But what do we find in this new update? Gamewave gives the details

Like every game in recent years, FIFA 21 was not perfect when it was released. But patches and updates exist. This helps correct many of the issues with a game while gamers are still playing it.

This is already the 8th patch for the famous football game. But this time around, what changes remain to be noted? Gamewave has just listed the main bugs that have been fixed:

“Several adjustments to note for Collective Press: decreased tactic activation time from 20 to 15 seconds before needing to be recharged. In situations where the defending team uses the tool and retrieves the ball, this tactic will not automatically stay in effect when the next ball is lost. ”

But that’s not all. FIFA 21’s technical moves were also given a new “beauty”: “Several changes were made to technical moves. Step step and Reverse step step. These two gestures change consideration. they will now be less effective. Since they are now slowing down. ”

These new features are actually changes that were made to FIFA 21. But be aware that many issues were also resolved.


As for example the problem linked to the goalkeeper: “The goalkeeper sometimes got stuck in the cage. And could not put the ball back into play. This could give rise to the end of the matches that were not done on schedule. ”

Some people probably blew a hose when they saw their defender not fighting to recover the ball. Especially once the check has failed. The latter should know less gloomy hours. Since the FIFA 21 devs just changed all that.

But the referee related bugs also got a change: “Improved referee logic on penalties. But also the logic of his choices on tackling situations outside the area on blocking actions. ”

Finally, be aware that goalkeeper penalty problems should no longer exist: “When a goalkeeper moved and came to a standstill, he could sometimes deflect the ball into his own goal. It does not affect other types of possible deviations. ”

Of course, changes have also been made to career mode and FUT in FIFA 21. But these were the main ones to note.


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