FIFA 21: EA takes possession of Inter and Milan licenses


Both sets, so far linked to Konami and its eFootball PES saga, change their shirts and sign for EA Sports. The transfer market is already open in the main soccer leagues, as it is also in football simulators.

EA Sports is preparing its next sports titles and FIFA 21 is one of its cornerstones. As every year, developers face the final stretch of the creative process, when companies take the opportunity to announce their news. In the business arena, there is also a battle for licenses: EA has reached an agreement with Inter Milan and AC Milan to faithfully transfer all the details of these two teams.

This has been announced through two videos that each of the teams has distributed on their respective YouTube channels. In this way, the finish of some of the stars that militate in these squads is shown. With the license in their hands, Electronic Arts has the possibility of recreating each of the aspects related to these sets, so that users can more realistically approach these Italian Seria A teams.

eFootball PES loses these licenses

Some win and others lose, and in this specific case, Konami has run out of AC Milan and Inter Milan licenses. Until eFootball PES 2020, the Japanese had the official license, but recently confirmed that they had lost it. They did so through a statement on their official website: “When it comes to Konami soccer games, please look forward to future announcements. Inter Milan / AC Milan have been an important representative for the eFootball PES series, so we wish them the best for the future ”, they published.

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FIFA 21 will go on sale for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Later, when the new consoles are available, it will also be released on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Everyone who purchases the game in the current generation will be able to upgrade for free to their respective new-generation version.


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