FIFA 21 confirms the weight of its download on Xbox One


Microsoft’s digital store advances the space that FIFA 21 will occupy on disk in its digital version, so it is expected that on PS4 it will be similar.

Microsoft Store has updated the FIFA 21 product sheet with the digital download weight of the game on Xbox One: 50.01 GB. The online store of the North American company confirms the minimum free space that we will need for the installation of the title in case we opt for the digital version; a weight that is liable to grow over time based on patches and updates.

It should be said that FIFA 20 has a weight of 49.04 GB in its version for Xbox One, so the title is slightly heavier than last year’s delivery. On PS4, for its part, from the PS Store we see that the title of this last season weighed 45.78 GB. It is expected, however, that FIFA 21 on PS5 will have a similar weight, around the figures mentioned. Right now the weight is not indicated in the Sony store.

FIFA 21 is getting closer: all the news of the game

At MeriStation we have participated in different presentations of the game, sessions where we have gotten to know the three main game modes of this edition, which will be intergenerational as it is launched both in this generation and in the next Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Broadly speaking, we invite you to read our impressions after trying what we consider one of the most intuitive and realistic deliveries. In this other article, we cover all the news, icons and improvements of Ultimate Team (already revealed the FUT 100 with the 100 legend icons) the star mode of the license right now. Finally, VOLTA. Street football is back with improvements after building on last year’s work.

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FIFA 21 will go on sale in physical and digital format for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC on October 9; on October 6 if we reserve a stake with any of its editions. If we buy the title in the current generation, we will receive the next gen version totally free.


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