FIFA 21 confirms dedicated servers in Spain


EA Sports hopes to improve the performance of the online multiplayer games of its new video game after years of demanding this opportunity.

EA Sports has confirmed that it will expand the number of locations where it will deposit dedicated servers on the occasion of the launch of FIFA 21; Spain is one of the selected countries. The North American company, on the occasion of a new Field Footnote published that Tuesday, adds to its list of cities with their own infrastructure territories such as Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and London (England).

“The data centers host the services that allow online play in the modes listed below, and provide information that is used as part of the matchmaking process for these modes, but it does not do the actual matchmaking,” EA explains to justify this. demanded movement, highly requested by the user community throughout this generation of consoles in southern Europe.

These are the FIFA 20 data center dependent game modes: FUT Division Rivals, FUT Champions Matchday, FUT Draft, FUT Friendlies (if the option to play with a friend is not selected), VOLTA League, Co-op Seasons , Pro Clubs

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