FIFA 21 career mode: learn all the news about the sport


FIFA 21 will have many new features and improvements in the new Career Mode. Already traditional in the EA Sports game, the modality comes with team management and the development of more complex players and with new options. The big news is the interactive simulator, which promises a better experience for users.

FIFA 21 is scheduled for release on October 8 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PC. The Nintendo Switch will receive a special edition (Legacy). Subsequently, the game will arrive for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (PS5). Check out the main news of the career mode in the football game below.

Interactive Simulator

The main novelty of Career Mode is the interactive simulator. It will be possible to simulate the games, in addition to entering and leaving the match to control important moments, such as goal chances, penalties and free kicks. Users will be able to follow the simulation twice as fast or simulate the game to the end at any time.

All of this will be done regardless of whether the game started in the traditional way or in the interactive simulator. In Fifa 21, matches can be started as a normal game, in the new interactive simulator or skipped instantly to the final result. In addition, the mode will have audio commentary and cheering sound.

Player development

In this edition of Career Mode, the player can be developed and specialized in several functions. The system uses its initial game position and the attributes that best adapt to the user’s style as a base. It is possible to choose the focus of each athlete’s growth. The development will take place according to the accumulation of XP based on the player’s performance in the matches and his projection of evolution.

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New active training system

The active training system will provide information on the performance levels of the team through the clarity of the match. The new tool indicates the probability of a player having a good performance or not in the decisive moments. This system allows you to set up group training to improve the player’s chances at crucial moments in the attack or defense – which makes a big difference in the result of the games.

Training schedule planning

The training schedule for the teams also gained a new activity management system. The days of training and rest during the week can be chosen according to the planning of each user in order to maintain the balance between the psychological and physical part of the athletes.


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