FIFA 21 | André Silva chooses Bundesliga’s POTM


André Silva is chosen as the best player of the month of January in the Bundesliga. This is his POTM card and the solution to his template challenge.

FIFA 21 offers a new squad challenge as part of its content planned for the month of February. After LaLiga and the Premier League, the German league competition chooses its best player in January 2021. Portuguese André Silva is the POTM of the Bundesliga: this is the letter of tribute to the Portuguese striker.

André Silva POTM: statistics in FIFA 21

André Silva POTM’s stats have quite a few similarities to El-Nesyri POTM. It is not a card that stands out, especially in teams dedicated to the highest divisions of FUT. Two statistics leave him behind his rivals: acceleration (87) and running speed (77). He starts well, but can’t keep it up against the top defenders in the game.

Rhythm: 82

Shooting: 89

Pass: 80

Dribble: 87

Defense: 51

Physical 83

Silva is the typical pure nine that lives off the balls hanging in the area. His positioning is 95 points, while his completion reaches 92. He is a born spiker, both from below and above, where he has a header and jump accuracy of 93 PIR.

Then we leave you with the requirements and the solution to his SBC.

FIFA 21: how to complete the André Silva POTM challenge


Minimum one Bundesliga player.

Minimum one TOTW player.

Minimum team value: 83.

Minimum team chemistry: 83.

Number of players in the squad: 11.

Solution (60,000 coins)

PT: Casteels

CFD: Vertonghen

CFD: Hilton (TOTW)

CF: Meunier

MD: Pizzi

MI: Guerreiro

MC: Rubén Neves

MC: Moutinho

SDD: Candle

SDI: Nani

DC: Higuain


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