FIFA 21: a pro rebels and won’t spend money on Fut packs


Consider that skill should not be measured by how much you spend in the game. Shalke 04 will give the money to the Robert Enke Foundation.

Tim Latka, professional FIFA 21 player for Shalke 04, has announced that he is rebelling and that he will not go through the Ultimate Team tube and its system. The pro player has decided that he will not spend money on FUT packs to have a competitive team, something that great players must achieve in order to compete at the highest level. Latka, in a video, explains that he considers himself to have “responsibility” and that he will play “without using the packs with FIFA Points”. He also thanks the German club for supporting this decision: “Not all teams would agree with this.”

Shalke 04 announced the decision this way: “Our FIFA player Tim Latka has announced that he will not buy FIFA points this year because he does not agree that your wallet defines your skills with the game.” “We support this decision and decided to donate the dinar that would have gotten to the Robert Enke Foundation,” they added.

The decision reveals a reality, and it is the power of the professional player as a claim for the FUT system, the main mode of the FIFA saga where players can buy packs with real money to get better players and have more competitive teams. It’s been a few years since the FIFA World Cup left behind the use of balanced squads to merge with Ultimate Team. Paying with money is the fast track to getting packs and players that otherwise need tens of hours.

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