FIFA 21: 10 Recommended Teams for Career Mode


Meet the 10 teams we recommend for the FIFA 21 Career mode. From Mr. Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds to Hertha Berlin’s covered teams.

FIFA 21 is already among us. One more year the EA Sports ball is rolling again, this time with a small unexpected misstep. Of course, the version for the current generation will coexist with the one designed specifically for Xbox Series X and PS5. To get there there is a long time. However, today we put the magnifying glass on the present Career mode.

While in previous pieces we talked about good and cheap players, today we will focus on the 10 recommended teams for Career mode. We will put aside the romanticism of other occasions; We will go directly to the funniest teams to drive and those with the largest transfer budget. We will follow the expectations of the board of directors. As usual, it is part of our detailed guide to FIFA 21.

Top 10 Teams Recommended for Career Mode: Full List

Manchester United | 184,513,536 euros for transfers

Leeds United | 16,500,000 euros for transfers

Valencia CF | 59,997,592 euros for transfers

Inter Milan | 99,640,816 euros for transfers

Hertha Berlin | 71,970,768 euros for transfers

Paris Saint-Germanin | 148,692,368 euros for transfers

Everton | 52,351,280 euros for transfers

Real Madrid | 188,456,000 euros for transfers

Chelsea FC | 85,802,200 euros for transfers

Naples | 56,081,120 euros for transfers

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