FIFA 20 Deploys Its “Big” Update! Big News!


After a first volley of critics questioning the game, FIFA 20 has just had an update to overcome these multiple bugs.It was the gaming event of last month. FIFA 20 has arrived. But many critics have blamed repetitive bugs. Bugs that should be corrected in this first big update.

FIFA 20 has finally arrived. After a few weeks of waiting, football fans were able to feast. This year’s edition promised several new fashions. A FIFA street style mode has also arrived and is really fun for the player. The career mode of the game has also received several improvements. But it’s also at the graphic level that FIFA 20 has reached a new level.

But all these improvements have a catch. Because if they bring a new breath to the game, they have a setback. The game suffers many bugs, including graphics. Videos are multiplying on social networks. Each player showing bugs on FIFA 20. Every year to his lot, but this time it’s too much. Fortunately, Electronic Arts responded quickly.

This update has been an opportunity to correct these bugs. Patch 1.05 should overcome the bug that puts players on the spot. The one showing an attacker at the corner point during the engagement has also been corrected. Some statistics have also been reviewed. Legendary mode was a lot of talk. Career, Volta, and Ultimate Team modes have been screened.

Evidemmnt, some bugs persist. The notes of the players also make a lot of talk on social networks. Some professional players even challenged EA Sports to see their rating increased. But all these little problems do not prevent the game from carding. He already has more than 10 million players. FIFA 20 will still dominate PES this year.

We hope in any case that the bugs will be more rare. This update is already available on PC. It should arrive soon on Playstation and Xbox.

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