FIFA 20: chants of supporters broadcast in the Premier League!


Good news for Premier League fans: matches are resuming! But FIFA 20 will also become embedded in the stadiums … Explanations.

The Premier League will therefore resume on June 17, with an Aston Villa – Sheffield match. But small problem, the matches remain behind closed doors because of the Covid-19… The stadiums therefore turn to FIFA 20!

Why is that ? To recover the songs of the supporters! Without real fans, a match is not really a match … While an audience is added to the TV for German matches, the English are trying to do better!

They will therefore broadcast virtual supporters directly in the stadiums! Logical, because FIFA 20 and the Premier League made a big deal in 2017. The partnership therefore extends until behind closed doors …

It must also be said that the game recorded the real fans in the real stadiums! So if we hear supporters in the Arsenal stadium … So they really sang a few years ago at the Emirates!

A little revolution, therefore for football … A little bit the world upside down, too! Usually, FIFA 20 is inspired by stadiums. This time, the Premier League will be inspired by the game! Unbelievable !


So we can see a little less sad matches. Because without an audience, all matches look like friendly matches. No celebrations, no songs, no atmosphere: not the football we love, so …

The Premier League is trying to remedy this, at least for TV! Sky Sports, the official broadcaster of the matches, will therefore be able to show real matches. But with a false audience …

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The problem of the stands also remains to be resolved. Noise is one thing … But the emptiness of these colorful galleries makes my heart ache. A Japanese club tried to create an audience of inflatable dolls, but it was not a real success …

We are therefore waiting for Premier League innovation for the stands. Maybe FIFA 20 will have an idea for the image? In any case, the solution for the sound will have a little atmosphere!


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