FIFA 20: Akinfenwa receives a special card in FUT


EA Sports creates a hero card in FIFA 20 to Adebayo Akinfenwa, the veteran player who managed to advance to the League Championship with the Wycombe Wanderers.

Dreams come true. Adebayo Akinfenwa’s life has not been easy. From promoting League One with the AFC Wimbledon in 2016 and asking for a job during his interview on the field, to doing the same four years later, this time with the Wycombe Wanderers. History repeats itself, except that the ending, now it is, is happy: it renews one more year to participate in the category that cost so much sweat to achieve: the League Championship (the equivalent of the second division in the English format).

For this reason, EA Sports wanted to honor him with a hero back. This special card increases his attributes in such a way that he has become the strongest player in the entire FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. His 99 rating in that category makes him a real mass impossible to stop in the area.

Thus, its main attributes in its special letter are the following:

  • Average: 75
  • Rhythm: 60
  • Shot: 80
  • Pass: 61
  • Dribble: 70
  • Defense: 38
  • Physical: 99

The player, excited, posed with his letter and medal on social networks:

These latest letters in Ultimate Team prior to the arrival of FIFA 21 serve to learn another way to experience the game mode. The new installment of the soccer franchise has already revealed its official covers: the star chosen this year is Kylian Mbappé, who will have three different editions, including the Champions Edition.

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