Fianso will be present on the 1st mixtape of C.O.R!


After several months in the shadows, rapper Fianso is preparing his comeback. He will notably appear on the 1st mixtape of C.O.R!

A little behind in order to be able to produce young talents, Fianso is no less active.

Since “Affranchis”, his last solo album and “93 Empire”, his project with other rappers from Seine-Saint-Denis, Fianso has created artists from his own label, Affranchis Music.

In an interview with Le Figaro, he explains: “At some point, if you want to produce, you have to be able to put yourself in parentheses to offer the best possible plan and put your artists in the best conditions. If you’re in the middle of a career and you’re not ready to shine and shine by stepping back, don’t bother. ”

“It is essential that I am available to my artists and not the other way around. That they take advantage of the “Sofiane brand” and not the other way around. I must put myself at the service of these people who have entrusted part of their lives to me. I step back and it’s assumed. It also allows me to focus on other things like cinema or production, ”he adds.

Indeed, Fianso has just returned from filming a series for Arte in which he stars with Dali Benssalah. As for “Enter the circle”, he is currently discussing to make it the first urban pan-European program. So the first seasons in Italy, Spain and Belgium should start in 2021 at the same time as season 3 in France.


But Fianso doesn’t completely forget the music. So, he promises to come back very soon with a new album. To the delight of his fans!

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Fianso is very much liked by the Organized group!

While waiting for his big projects, he does not hesitate to bet on feats. As is the case with C.O.R! Indeed, the rapper from 93 appears on his 1st mixtape entitled “Rue de Madrid”!

However, other great artists like GLK, Da Uzi or 13 Block have also posed on it. So don’t hesitate to go and listen to Fianso and the others, on all platforms in streaming!


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