Fianso talks about “Rentre Dans le Cercle” project!


Invited in the Planète Rap program, Fianso spoke about his project to export “Rentre Dans le Cercle” across Europe!

There was never any question of Fianso retiring. But it is clear that the artist is now much more than a rapper.

Lately, Fianso has devoted himself notably to Sifax and Zeguerre, new artists signed on his label Affranchis Music.

“At some point, if you want to produce, you have to be able to put yourself in parentheses to offer the best possible plan and put your artists in the best conditions. If you’re in the middle of a career and you’re not ready to shine and shine by stepping back, you don’t have to. It is essential that I am available to my artists and not the other way around. That they take advantage of the “Sofiane brand” and not the other way around. I must put myself at the service of these people who have entrusted me with part of their life. I step back and it is assumed, it also allows me to focus on other things such as cinema or production, “he explained to our colleagues at Le Figaro.

But little by little, Fianso seems to take part in the world of rap. Indeed, a few weeks ago, the latter released American Airlines, a new title featuring the Marseillais SCH. But that’s not all !


Fianso was also invited to the Skyrock premises, along with the “Street Art” team. The opportunity for the artist to discuss his projects.

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Regarding his project “Rentre dans le Cercle”, the latter confirms that he wants to extend it to a European level. However, it seems complicated in view of the current circumstances.

“Rentre Dans le Cercle will be European or it will not be. We arrived at season 2 in France, we did a few episodes with Adidas last summer. We wanted to train the thing, to make it cleaner, more budget … Then we calmed the thing down to come back strong! We had already made a commitment with Maison Italy, Maison Spain, Maison Germany, Maison Belgium… so there will be at least the first seasons that will start in these countries in 2021! And season 3 in France! “, He explains at the microphone of Planète Rap.

Either way, Fianso fans are already excited by the news. “Heavy”, “Highly !!! I miss it “,” This is going to be madness “exclaim Internet users on Twitter.

To be continued !


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