Fianso supports the “Unity” project in which Hatik


Fianso shows support to Hatik, Soolking, Dadju and Imen Es for their Unity project! We give you more details.

Rapper Fianso supports Hatik and Soolking for their Unity project!

Hatik, Soolking, Imen Es and Dadju will release their new music video for Unity! The artists then took advantage of social networks to unveil the first images of their musical project.

And it didn’t take more for the other players in the music scene to validate the project! This is also the case with Fianso.

Indeed the rapper shared in Story on Instagram the teaser of the clip. He did not fail to tag the main artists.

Namely, Hatik, Imen Es, Soolking and Dadju! A great promotion for the project of artists who rely on their fans to make it successful. We can’t wait to find out!


Through the Unity project, Hatik, Soolking, Dadju and Imen Es have a very specific goal. Indeed, in this period of health crisis they too wanted to help.

In their own way, doing what they do best: music! So, the young artists decided to release a new sound, called Unity.

“The goal of Unity is to raise public awareness and raise funds to donate to 10 local associations in France and overseas. Can we read on the site of the single. Thus, the funds raised thanks to the stream on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music will directly serve the cause.

A very good initiative carried by Hatik and Soolking. We validate!

Thus, artists rely a lot on the support of their respective communities. And it must be said that the fans number in the thousands!

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Fianso is very much liked by the Organized group!

Moreover, the latter have already reacted en masse to the promotional publications of the project. They seem indeed very happy with this new collaboration.

See you tomorrow, November 20 to find out more! Case to be continued.


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