Fianso is very much liked by the Organized group!


On social networks, a member of the 13 Organized collective confided that he strongly appreciates the rapper from Seine-Saint-Denis, Fianso.

Fianso is unanimous everywhere he goes. The rapper from Seine-Saint-Denis recently released a SCH featuring. Member of collective 13 Organized.

And the French rapper is not the only one to validate the singer and actor Fianso. Indeed, on social networks, another well-known rapper in Marseille was full of praise. About the rapper from Seine-Saint-Denis, then.

That artist is Kofs. On his Instagram account, the rapper, who poses his voice in various tracks from album 13 Organized, complimented his friend, Fianso.

A few hours ago, the French artist hosted an ask on social media. And among the many questions asked by his fans, one particularly caught Fianso’s attention.

Indeed, a fan asked who was for him the best French rapper. Singer Kofs replied that he couldn’t answer because there wasn’t just one.


Later, another person asked him if it wasn’t Fianso. And the rapper from Marseille therefore replied: “Fianso, he has given me a lot in my career”.

A compliment which therefore strongly touched the artist who grew up in Seine-Saint-Denis. The latter therefore decided to share the Story of his friend Kofs.

So he wrote: “The humility of a man.” All with a heart emoji. Rapper Fianso recently released a track with another member of the Organized 13 collective. SCH.

The track, called American Airlines, was released on October 14th. And the least we can say is that it’s a success.

The clip that accompanies the music of Sofiane Zermani and SCH has therefore been viewed more than 7.6 million times, therefore. After the rapper from Marseille, Fianso could surprise his fans. By releasing a featuring with his great friend Kofs, who knows?

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