FF7 Revival Continues to Annoy Final Fantasy 7 Trope


The second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has received an official name and a release window for the winter of 2023. The story will continue in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, starting from where the first part left off. The problem is that the name of the game does not help players understand in which order to play remakes, and this is the same problem as with the original FF7 and all related games.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a reinterpretation of FF7, in which the plot moves are slightly changed. While FF7 Remake includes the same setting and the same characters, the new storylines make it a new experience even for experienced players. The reimagined FF7 story is far from over, as the third part of the FF7 Remake is in development, and other games such as Crisis Core Reunion are being added to the universe.

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One of the biggest problems with FF7 has been moved to FF7 Remake, and that’s the tendency to unnecessarily obfuscate game titles. There is a lot of content available for FF7, scattered across several games and even a movie. The FF7 remake already follows this pattern with several upcoming games set in a new universe, but none of the titles make it clear to players in which order they should be played.

FF7 remake will be improved thanks to a clear naming system

Square Enix is already setting up FF7 Remake with names that don’t indicate where the games take place on the timeline. Part 2 will be called “The Revival of FF7” for the reason that it is too much different from FF7 to be called a remake. While the logic of the name change is logical, the name itself is not a clear indicator of where the FF7 series is reborn. The same is true for Crisis Core Reunion and FF7: Ever Crisis. It’s unclear whether these games are part of the original FF7 universe or the FF7 Remake universe, because Square Enix has once again fallen into the trap of using confusing naming conventions.

Fans have been waiting for the FF7 remake for years, and while not all of them agree with the chosen plot, there are a lot of expectations to see where this new path will lead for Cloud and others. While Square Enix is unlikely to renegotiate their naming conventions for FF7, it looks like they’ve revised some plot highlights and tweaked FF7 Rebirth to skip the iconic moment. Since Square Enix chooses names relevant to the plot, rather than the simplicity of the organization, players can only guess how the third part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake can be named.