FF7 Rebirth: Every Confirmed Final Fantasy 7 Storyline That Will Happen


The Final Fantasy VII Remake series can now evolve in a new direction, as its characters have freed themselves from their original destinies and can now explore a new story that they created themselves. Fans shouldn’t get too excited, at least not in the short term, as it’s likely that the story will unfold in basically the same way, at least until the party reaches the Costa del Sol. This is because it has been confirmed that some FF7 storylines will appear in FF7 Rebirth.

In the FF7 Rebirth trailer, it was also announced that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series will consist of three games. This means that the story definitely won’t develop the way it used to, as there’s too much FF7 left to cover within two games. FF7 Remake only covered an extended version of the Midgar section of the original game, which represented only the first few hours of FF7’s massive storyline. It’s unclear if there will be a huge glitch at some point that will cause the story to unfold so differently that the FF7 events will never happen.

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Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth will continue where FF7 Remake left off, meaning the band is still stuck in the events of the first FF7 disc. It seems that the FF7 story will be about the same, but it’s possible that things like Fort Condor were cut from the FF7 Remake sequel, or that Yuffie will be introduced earlier as she was fleshed out in the DLC INTERmission. The FF7 Revival trailer and some additional media have confirmed the next few events in the story, although they are unlikely to unfold exactly the same as before.

Confirmed FF7 Revival Plots — The Memory of Kalma and the Nibelheim incident

FF7 Remake ends when the group leaves Midgar, and the game says that the characters are about to embark on an unknown journey, as they are no longer tied to the Final Fantasy 7 storyline. It seems the story won’t be too unknown, as the ending of the DLC “INTERMISSION” shows the group going to Kalm and looking for a hotel. The first FF7 Rebirth trailer showed footage of Cloud and Sephiroth during Kalm’s flashbacks, when Mount Nibel is visible in the distance. The trailer confirmed that the flashback will be playable and that the player will control Cloud, although it has not yet been confirmed whether it will be possible to play as Sephiroth in FF7 Rebirth.

In FF7 Rebirth, Kalm’s memories will be shown, which means that the group will rest in a hotel, and Cloud and Tifa will talk about their past experiences with Sephiroth, explaining his fall and showing how he destroys the city of Nibelheim. It seems that the events of the memories will unfold in the same way, because in the FF7 Rebirth trailer, Cloud talks about how he saw Tifa after being wounded, which happens near the end of the memories. There is a high probability that the flashback will not happen exactly the same as in Final Fantasy 7, since the incident in Nibelheim was different in each of its manifestations (FF7, Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Last Order), so this time fans should expect some differences.

The FF7 Revival storyline is a boat trip to the Costa del Sol

The last moment on the timeline of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is obtained from a source unrelated to the games, but it is as official as possible. There is a FF7 prequel novel called “Traces of Two Pasts”, which is currently available in Japan and will receive an English localization on November 8, 2022. “Traces of Two Pasts” focuses on Aeris and Tifa, discussing their lives before the events of the FF7 Remake. The framing of the novel includes conversations between the two during a boat trip to the Costa del Sol, suggesting that up to that point everything was the same.

“Traces of the Two Past” is written by Kazushige Nojima, the screenwriter of FF7, FF7 Remake, FF7: The First Soldier and the upcoming FF7: Ever Crisis. Nojima also wrote two FF7 novels, “On the Way to a Smile” and “The Kids are Fine”, and he managed to make “The Kids are Fine” a canon in the FF7 Remake events, adding Kyrie and Leslie to the game’s story. If Traces of Two Pasts is canon, then Final Fantasy VII Rebirth should include memories of Kalma, chocobo farm, escape from Midgar-Zolom, mithril mines and Juno.