FF7 Cloud Action Figure Proves Square Enix Is Really Shinra


In a move that almost no one likes, Square Enix has partnered with NFT Enjin to pack NFT digital collectibles along with physical action figures to “celebrate” the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7. This continues the tendency of gaming companies to choose the most unsuitable ones. pairs are possible for NFT products. For example, Sega previously announced an NFT related to Sonic the Hedgehog, a franchise that has a strong environmental message, as Sonic battled Dr. Robotnik to protect flora and fauna from the mad scientist. In the initial conflict of Final Fantasy 7, the heroic Avalanche resistance group confronted Shinra Corporation, a company that used the planet’s life force to power its Mako reactors. Watching a game with such a message, used in tandem with the environmentally destructive production of NFT, sends fans a particularly bad signal about the developer.

It is well known that regardless of whether they are related to digital art or video games, NFTs are harmful to the environment, since the process of creating blockchain-based authentication for a file consumes an absurd amount of energy. If Shinra was at least wreaking havoc on the planet in order to run the power grid for the city, Square Enix is now doing the same for making a confusing profit from NFT. This makes the modern Square Enix closer to Shinra than ever, showing that the real message of Final Fantasy 7 has nothing to do with environmental protection, but is related to the creation of popular intellectual property and extracting any possible profit from it, regardless of the costs to our real planet.

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NFT or non-interchangeable tokens use the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies to create a complex digital “certificate” that artificially designates one specific file, otherwise functionally identical to any other copy, as something unique due to the fact that it is “authenticated”. In the VentureBeat article, the publication notes that Enjin, the NFT supplier with which Square Enix cooperates, “commits to becoming carbon neutral by 2030,” which leaves another seven years of unnecessary pollution, when a simpler and immediate solution is to stop creating NFT.

Shinra from Final Fantasy 7 Harms the Environment for Better Reasons Than NFT

Unlike the problems of finding environmentally friendly ways to power people’s homes or the vehicles they use, NFTs are completely unnecessary. They do not bring anything useful to the consumer, since digital trading platforms have been functioning for years without resorting to blockchain-based tactics. When Square Enix sold the Tomb Raider intellectual property and most of its Western development studios to Embracer Group, many fans were concerned about their announcement of plans to use the funds to invest in NFT, and FF7’s partnership with Enjin confirms these concerns. A comparison of the typical energy costs of NFT production with Energy Information Administration data shows that these blockchain certificates generate about 120 pounds of CO2 for each completed “authenticated” NFT.

Enjin claims that it now has negative carbon emissions, but this is based on their purchase of carbon credits rather than the process of creating an NFT, which means that the company is trying to compensate for environmental damage that they could have completely avoided by simply not creating an NFT. NFT Square Enix plans to continue monetizing FF7 to harm our planet and demonstrate disregard for the fans of Final Fantasy 7, who appreciated her idea, acting against everything the game stood for, and all this to create meaningless digital certificates that no one really needs.


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