FF Pixel Remaster Gets Bomb Reviews For Not Being on Consoles


Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Since their announcement, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games have received criticism because Square Enix has not spoken of plans to bring them to consoles, keeping their release only on PC and mobile devices. Now, with the arrival of the first three games, players have decided to protest the way they know how: with bomb reviews.

The bombardment of negative reviews to show discontent with some of the company’s practices, not the game itself, is already something known in the gaming world. At the moment, Pixel Remaster versions of the first three Final Fantasy have been released and they appear with Metacritic user rating averages of 4.3 for the first game, 2.7 for the second, and 2.4 for the third.

The grades contrast sharply with the critics’ average, which is 80, 73 and 77, following in the same order. The discrepancy in the notes would be enough to notice the bombing, but the comments following some of the 0 notes leave no room for doubt.

One of the users participating in the bombardment of reviews even mentions Square Enix’s comment about the console version. The producer went so far as to say that games would go out to video games if “sufficient demand” is observed. The reviewer then commented “here is my demand” following his 0 rating on Metacritic.

Final Fantasy I, II and III Pixel Remaster are now available on PC and mobile. Titles IV, V and VI of the franchise will also arrive in format soon.


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