FF Pixel Remaster Comes Out On Consoles if There is ‘Enough Demand’


Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Square Enix this week published a page featuring some Q&A on Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, the original graphics remaster of the first six games in the series. The producer brought some trivia and information about the game, but was a little vague when talking about what else they want to know: a possible port for the consoles will only happen if there is “sufficient demand”.

It is very difficult to speculate what would be “enough” for the company in this case. After all, what has been most talked about since the announcement of Pixel Remaster for PC and mobile devices is precisely its absence from video games. Maybe the developer wants you to keep asking for the game to keep getting talked about and appearing high in search results, but that’s just speculation.

Square didn’t talk about ports anymore. He also didn’t comment on the criticized tiny fonts for the game’s English localization, because the answers page was launched in Japan.

The other Q&A answers refer to trivia and add-ons from the remastered games. Below, some items mentioned, translated from Japanese to English by Nibel, and to Portuguese in free translation:

Adjusted game balancing
Soundtrack reconfigured by Uematsu
New Monster Manual, which registers enemies in a list and helps and allows you to mark them on the map
Player in the menu to listen to the game’s soundtrack
Gallery with almost all of Amano’s original illustrations
Keyboard and mouse support

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be released on July 28th on PC and Android and iOS devices.


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