Ferrari SF90 Spider Faster Than Iconic LaFerrari


The Ferrari SF90 Spider, a car heavier than the SF90 Stradale, was even faster than the LaFerrari. The engine of the vehicle is capable of producing 986 horsepower.

One of the most important luxury sports car manufacturers in the world is undoubtedly the Italian Ferrari. The company’s new open-top model SF90 Stradale is sure to be exciting, if not surprising. The new SF90 Spider manages to attract attention as a 986 horsepower hybrid.

The platform used for the SF90 is actually not foreign, it is an improved version of the platform used previously for the 458. Consequently, Spider has the same roof as the old 458 Spider.

Heavier, faster

According to Ferrari’s statement, it only takes 14 seconds for the roof to open. The weight of the vehicle with the empty tank is 1670 kilograms. The vehicle weighs up to 100 kilograms compared to the Stradale model. Engine power makes this weight difference too close.

Although 1670kg is a bit too much for a mid-engine supercar, we’re talking about a Ferrari as a result. The 770 horsepower V8 engine of the vehicle is accompanied by three electric motors that add 217 horsepower in total. One of these engines is located on the rear axle, while the other two are on the front wheels.

According to the statements of the Italian giant, Spider will go from 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds. It will take only 7 seconds to reach from 0 to 200. The highest speed of the vehicle will be 340 kilometers per hour.

Faster than the LaFerrari

Ferrari also shared the results of its work on the Fiorano test track, allowing us to have an idea about the speed of the vehicle. The results show that the Spider is only half a second slower than the SF90, despite the added weight of the sunroof. This shows that the tour time of the vehicle is 1: 19.5. In other words, it is 0.1 seconds faster than the LaFerrari.

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Ferrari will also offer an Assetto Fiorano package of the SF90 Spider. This car, which is up to 20 kilos lighter, will also have Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires. Although the price of the car has not been announced yet, it will be more than 550 thousand dollars.



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