Ferrari Sets Record in Car Sales


Ferrari, one of the most rooted car manufacturers in the world, reached a huge number of sales both for the world and for itself in 2019. With this sales success, the Italian company gained a huge annual income. The car sales of the company increased in every region of the world except the America region.

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari broke its own record by signing a sales success that it has never achieved before. The company, which has gained a place that it cannot lose all over the world with its almost a hundred-year-old car history, high-quality cars and unique designs, has achieved a first in 2019 by selling more than 10 thousand cars.

Maranello-based company, which has been producing high-quality cars since the 40s, announced the financial figures it obtained in 2019 to the public. According to the data, the number of cars sold by the “Prancing Horse” reached 10 thousand 131.

Ferrari generated 3.7 euros in revenue last year
It was recorded that Ferrari sold 10 thousand 131 cars in 2019. According to this information, the company increased 9.5% year over year compared to 2018. 2019 is the first year that the company sold 10,000 cars. Ferrari also achieved 10.1% year-over-year revenue growth with 3.7 billion euros in revenue thanks to this sales success.

Mostly sold to ‘EMEA’ region
Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions (EMEA) became Ferrari’s top sales destination in 2019, with 4 thousand 895 shipments. Sales in the ‘EMEA’ region increased by 16% compared to 2018. The number of shipments to America (South America, Central America, North America) was 2,900, so the company fell 3% year-over-year in this region. By sending 836 cars to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong regions, an increase of 20% year-over-year was achieved in these regions. Finally, the company, which has sent 1,500 vehicles to the Asia-Pacific region, has also increased by 13% year over year. In all these sales, vehicles with V8 engines increased by 11.2%, while vehicles with V12 engines closed the year with an increase of 4.6%.

Ferrari earned almost 3 billion euros of the money it earned from car sales. The second biggest revenue source of the company was sponsorship and branding efforts. The company, which earned 538 million euros with these efforts, increased by 4% year over year.


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