Ferrari 812 Superfast GTO Model Displayed in Test Drive


The rumors that emerged in the Ferrari forums last year, stating that Ferrari will produce three different models based on 812 Superfast, have begun to come to the agenda again. After the introduction of the new Superfast model 812 Superfast GTS in September 2019, the 812 Superfast GTO is now seen on the roads.

Ferrari, one of the most famous brands in Italy, is not afraid to exhibit its more interesting new models on the road, even though it has throne in the hearts with its legendary models. 812 Superfast, the beloved car of the famous sports car manufacturer, was launched about 3 years ago, and it was said that Ferrari would produce new models in three different designs using this model.

The first of the 812 Superfast-based models appeared in September of last year. Ferrari has officially unveiled the 812 GTS, which has been redesigned as a convertible in the 812 Superfast. This car was an open-top car with a V12 engine. The 812 Superfast GTS, with a V12 engine that produces 789 horsepower, also took on the title of being the most powerful Ferrari in history. Now a new 812 Superfast model has been spotted on Modena roads.

The new car seen on the streets of Modena is thought to be the 812 Superfast GTO:
It is very clear that the new model, which shows the body on the Modena roads, is based on the 812 Superfast, because the car’s body is very similar to the previous Superfast models. The company, which confirmed the Superfast based open-top car rumor with the 812 Superfast GTS, also confirmed the rumor that the series will run on a more performance and aggressive model.

The new model on the roads is thought to be the 812 Superfast GTO, which will be a more aggressive-looking model. Even though the changes in the car are a bit lighter than the previous models, they are noticeable. First of all, the front grilles of the 812 Superfast’s new prototype have been opened and the air spaces are more visibly designed, as well as the front bumper is slightly wider.

When it comes to the side of the car, he sees that the sills are taped for now. The air vents on the back of the rear wheels have been closed and remain only a dysfunctional design element. Of course, this will change when the vehicle is officially introduced. As for the performance of the car, it is thought that this model will perform much higher than others.

This model may be the last vehicle to use the F140 V12 engine produced by Ferrari. The V12 engine, which was used in the previous 812 Superfast GTS model and produces 789 horsepower, is thought to be adjusted to produce exactly 850 horsepower in the new model seen on the roads.


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