Fernando Alonso Takes First Test Drive with Reanult

NURBURG, GERMANY - MAY 06: Fernando Alonso of Spain and Renault celebrates pole position during qualifying for the European F1 Grand Prix at the Nurburgring on May 5, 2006, in Nurburg, Germany. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Fernando Alonso, who was a two-time world champion and returned to Formula 1 with Reanult, went on his first F1 test drive. The Spanish pilot made various statements in his Instagram live broadcast after the test drive.

Two world champions Fernando Alonso, who will return to Formula 1 again, said he still has a lot to do to reach the same level before getting behind the wheel again. The Spanish driver tested the RS20 on the Catalunya circuit in Barcelona before returning to the races next year.

Renault put the driver, who won the world championship in 2005 and 2006, behind the wheel to test the shooting days allocated to them due to the strict limits set during the season in F1. However, the famous driver had spent the last race with McLaren in 2018, and during that time he realized he had to learn.

“The performance of the vehicle was better than me”

The Spanish pilot stated that the feeling he experienced during the live broadcast on Instagram was very good, but because he could not get the maximum from the vehicle yet, it performed better than the vehicle itself. Alonso said the following about his drive on the Catalunya circuit:

“It’s not easy to get back to Formula 1 pace, but every lap I’m improving myself and trying to get the engineers back. We also had shots and there were cameras and drones that followed me while driving. Today the pressure and work was intense. As we see every weekend, the car has potential. I think, but there are areas for improvement and we plan to complete them soon.

Speaking about himself as well as the vehicle, Alonso said that he had to get back in shape and train for Formula 1 standards. Alonso said these workouts specifically cover the neck and upper body. The driver, who said that his neck was fine after 100 km, stated that he could tell tomorrow if there was a pain.

Fernando Alonso also admitted that he had missed things during his break and said he had to get used to it again. Expressing that they have talented people, great sponsors and many fans around the world, the Spanish pilot said that they have everything to make 2021 a good one.


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