Fernanda Castillo is surprised posing in a white shirt


Actress Fernanda Castrillo surprised her fans on her Instagram account by showing off her figure while wearing a blouse

Known for her character as Mónica Robles in the series “The Lord of the Skies”, Fernanda Castillo surely left her fandom surprised when she shared a photograph in which she appears showing her figure when wearing a white shirt that further highlighted her beauty.

The actress Fernanda Castillo is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, her full name is María Fernanda Castillo García, she is currently 38 years old and is expecting her first child with her partner Erik Hayser who is rather her fiancé, since little he asked for marriage.

The photograph that Erik Hayser’s couple shared is a magazine cover, in which he appears posing scantily clad, although in the series “The Lord of the Skies” on several occasions he was seen using illusion, candle again in a photography is awesome.

Fernanda Castillo in her publication, wears blue boots, at the bottom they put a black garment, at the top she is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, three buttons of the shirt are unbuttoned so you can see part of her bust that is not wearing a bra.

Celebrating Life, transformations and #September with the cover of @maximmexico “, part of the description shared by Fernanda.

The television and theater actress is now also a magazine cover model, has a 20-year career, has been active since 2020, although she graduated from acting in 2003, she had already had the opportunity to participate in various melodramas.

Some of the soap operas in which he has participated are:

The most beautiful ugly
Distilling love
The ways of love
Clap, the place of your dreams

Castillo appeared in seven episodes of “Woman, real life cases”, she has also had the opportunity to appear in several series, one for which she has been quite recognized to date is “The Lord of the Skies” with her character of Monica Robles, she was the protagonist’s partner in the first seasons.

The beautiful Sonoran actress is one of the most beloved celebrities in Mexico, not only on television but also on social networks, in addition to being a beautiful and talented woman, she is quite a charismatic person, which is why when she shared the news of her pregnancy all world rejoiced.

Erick and Fernanda have been together for five years, their relationship is considered one of the most solid in the show, their fans agree that they both look pretty good together, they constantly share tokens of love on their social networks.

Currently, the actress has 5 million 700 thousand followers on her official Instagram account, her fans constantly make her see how beautiful she is and above all how talented, even more since she shared the news of her pregnancy at every opportunity she has to uploading a photo of your progress your fans get excited and immediately start loving you.

Fernanda recently shared on Instagram the news that there would be a wedding soon, the black and white photography immediately went viral, together both she and Hayser look quite in love, before this, their millions of fans had only to wish them infinite happiness, and not only her fans but also co-workers and close friends like Angelique Boyer.

What a thrill!!!! A shared happiness! A very loved baby from now on. Congratulations on your beautiful family! It makes me very happy to see you like this, mamacita! I adore you! Congratulations, “shared Angelique Boyer in Fernanda’s post.


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