Ferdinando Valencia, “La Mexicana y El Güero” entered


Eleazar Gómez was removed from the telenovela “La Mexicana y El Güero” after his legal problems that keep him away from the recordings. Producer Nicandro Díaz had to find another actor to continue with the character of Sebastián de la Mora and it has been confirmed that Ferdinando Valencia will take his place.

Sebastián de la Mora is a prestigious plastic surgeon. An only child, raised with very rigid principles, he does not have the courage to openly confess his homosexuality and his relationship with Diego (Sian Chiong).

In the plot of this melodrama, the love story between Sebastián and Diego has had many setbacks, as Diego is hired to be part of the false family that Andrea (Itatí Cantoral) arms to swindle Tyler (Juan Soler). This situation involves Diego with Katya (Gala Montes) and she is willing to do anything to make him fall in love with her. Sebastián becomes entangled in this love triangle, which affects their relationship.

Ferdinando Valencia will join the recordings on Thursday, November 19 and his first scenes will be with Rocío Banquells, Gaby Carrillo, Sian Chiong and Miguel Martínez. The chapters where Ferdinando will appear can be seen on the screen in mid-December.


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