Fenerbahçe reported the transfer of Mesut Özil to KAP


Fenerbahçe notified the new transfer Mesut Özil to KAP. The star football player also made important statements on the live broadcast before coming to Istanbul. Ozil stating that he will carry the yellow and navy blue jersey proudly, “Thank God it was Fenerbahce. I am very happy. As a Fenerbahce, God has given it to wear it.” He spoke in the form.

Fenerbahce, Mesut Ozil He reported to KAP that negotiations with him had begun. “Negotiations have started on the transfer of professional football player Mesut Özil.” statements took place.

The star football player, who will come to Istanbul tonight, told NTV, “I am very excited. I said it in my speeches. I am from Fenerbahce. I am very happy to come to Fenerbahçe. When I come, I see you, Rıdvan. Thank God it became Fenerbahçe. As a Fenerbahçer, Allah has given us the opportunity to wear that jersey. I will proudly carry the Fenerbahçe jersey. I am not playing a match for a long time. I am physically fit. No problem. I will come to Istanbul with my family tonight. The flight time is not clear. I think it’s hours ahead. ” said


Mesut Özil, who announced the transfer of the yellow-blue people, will land at Sabiha Gökçen Airport at 00.15. Fenerbahçe posted on his Twitter account, “Come and Be Night with Day …”, while Mesut Özil quoted this tweet and shared a yellow and blue heart.


Mesut Özil was transferred from Real Madrid in 2013 for a club record of 42.5 million Euros. Mesut, who won 4 FA Cup championships in Arsenal, played 44 goals and 77 assists in 254 games.


Mesut Özil was born on October 15, 1988 in Gelsenkirchen. He is a German national football player of Turkish origin. He plays for Arsenal, one of the Premier League teams. The player who served as the Point guard, Özil, who started his national team career in Germany’s young national teams since 2006, has played in the German National Team since 2009. 2010 FIFAWorld CupHe was nominated for the Golden Ball Award given to the most valuable player of the tournament.

Özil was born in 2006 to Schalke 04, a team in the city where he was born and competed in the Bundesliga. footballstarted his career. Then, in 2008, another Bundesliga team was transferred to Werder Bremen. With his performance in the 2010 FIFA World Cup with Germany, he was transferred from La Liga teams to Real Madrid in August 2010. On the last day of the transfer period in the summer of 2013, Arsenal, one of the English teams, was transferred to this team for 42.5 million euros, which is the highest transfer fee paid for a player in the history of the club. With this transfer, he became the most expensive German footballer of all time.


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