Fenerbahçe Beko Champion in Basketball Super League!


Fenerbahçe Beko, who won the series 3-1 by beating Anadolu Efes 92-80 in the fourth match of the ING Basketball Super League play-off final, became the champion.

Fenerbahçe Beko defeated Anadolu Efes 92-80 on the road in the 4th match of the ING Basketball Super League Play-Off Final Series, bringing the situation to 3-1 in the series and became the champion.

Anadolu Efes hosted the match played at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall; Shane Larkin, Vasilije Micic, Elijah Bryant, Chris Singleton and Tibor Pleiss started with the starting five. The top 5 of Fenerbahçe Beko consisted of Pierria Henry, Nando De Colo, Tarık Biberovic, Jan Vesely and Devin Booker. Both teams started the game with the points they found under the basket. Fenerbahce Beko was leading 11-7 in the television break, which came with 4:36 remaining to the end of the period, as neither team could find a three-pointer in the first 5 minutes. The yellow-dark blue team, which made the difference with the effective offensive performance of Guduric, who came from the side in the remaining section, finished the first period ahead 24-12.

Fenerbahce Beko started the second period with a 5-0 series and increased the gap to 16, giving their opponent a time-out: 12-28. Finding Dunston with 7:48 before the end of the first period of the match, Anadolu Efes took the time-out with 5:13 left of the first half with Larkin’s intervention: 24-33. Although he showed a more effective performance in the attack in the remaining minutes of the period, Fenerbahçe closed the first half ahead 41-35.

Both teams started the third period effectively on offense. At the end of the first 5 minutes passed with mutual numbers, the yellow-dark blue team entered the television break ahead 57-50. Fenerbahçe, which was more effective in the rest of the period, entered the decision period ahead 70-61 with Vesely’s basket at the last second.

The yellow-dark blue team, which entered the decision period better, was effective with Metecan Birsen’s points and increased the lead to 12 with 7:33 left to give Ergin Ataman a time-out: 65-77. The yellow-dark blue team, which did not allow its opponent to get close to it in the remaining part, won the match 92-80 and became the Basketball Super League champion for the 2021-2022 season. Jan Vesely was the top scorer of the match with 18 points in the yellow-dark blue team, while Singleton and Pleiss struggled with 17 points in the home team.


The yellow-dark blue team beat Anadolu Efes 3-1 in the ING Basketball Super League Play-Off Final Series and won the 10th league championship in its history. Fenerbahçe, which had the success of bringing the trophy to its museum in 1990-1991, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, has returned to its museum after 4 years. enjoyed the championship.


Acun Ilıcalı and Emre Belözoğlu followed the Anadolu Efes-Fenerbahçe Beko match together.
Anadolu Efes – Fenerbahce Beko: 80-92

HALL: Sinan Erdem

REFEREES: Aytuğ Ekti, Kerem Baki, Alper Altuğ Köselerli

ANADOLU EFES: Larkin 10, Micic 10, Bryant 10, Singleton 17, Pleiss 17, Dunston 8, Buğrahan Tuncer 3, Erten Gazi, Ömer Can İlyasoğlu 3, Egemen Güven, Yiğitcan Saybir 2

FENERBAHÇE BEKO: Henry 6, De Colo 17, Biberovic 3, Vesely 18, Booker 9, Guduric 16, Ahmet Düverioğlu 1, Metecan Birsen 4, Melih Mahmutoğlu 13, Şehmus Hazer 5

1st PERIOD: 12-24


3rd PERIOD: 61-70