Female K-pop Group Billie Returns With The Dreamy Clip “EUNOIA”


K-pop girl group Billie is back with their new mini-album “The Billage of Perception: Chapter Three” and its title track “EUNOIA”.

Today (March 28), a female group of seven members returned with their fourth mini-album “Billage of Perception: Chapter Three”. The release was accompanied by a dreamy new video clip for the title track “EUNOIA”.

The visual series shows the Billie participants in the image of high school students dancing to a cheerful new single in a multipurpose hall and on a sports field. It seems that magic is in the air around them, flooding everything with pink light.

“Spank, spank / It blows hot and cold / You are the only precious person in the world / Tiki-taka, we will all be fine with each other,” they sing in the chorus.

The new album includes the opening track “enchanted night ~ 白夜”, which, along with the title track, was co-written with South Korean singer and songwriter Youha. All seven members of the female group also wrote lyrics for the fan-dedicated “different and precious (moment of inertia)”.

Other songs on the record are “Extraordinary”, “Lionheart (the Real Me)” and “nevertheless”. “Billage of Perception: Chapter Three” marks Billy’s fourth mini-album overall and the third in their ongoing “Billage of Perception” series.

At the same time, the female group has another series of albums called “Collective Soul and the Unconscious”, the first chapter of which was released in February 2022 along with the title track “GingaMingaYo”.

In an interview with NME in 2022, Billie leader and rapper Moon Sua shared that one of the band’s greatest strengths is their ability to “recreate any genre and turn it into our unique style.”


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